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Fall Rafting, 2013!

The-Toad Publishing is accepting submissions for book length Poetry, Collections of Short Stories, Creative Non-Fiction and literary Novels. Children's Books, Young Adult, How-To and other genre. Design, editing, printing, ISNB, Bar coding, Advance Book Review services available.

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Description: Spring Rafting

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Viewing Elk in the Smoky Mountains

Viewing Elk

The best times to view elk are usually early morning and late evening. Elk may also be active on cloudy summer days and before or after storms. Enjoy elk at a distance, using binoculars or a spotting scope for close-up views

elk in the smoky mountains

Fall Fun!

Get ready to rock and roll this spring on the Gauley River.

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UPDATE on Gauley Season--ACE Adventure Center, American-Canadian Expeditions
ACE Whitewater has two deaths in three rafting days on Gauley River in October

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Go like a pro! Order your Gauley River and New River Tee Shirt before you go! Beentheretees offers some of the best designs and quality tee shirts.

Get trail map destination tee shirts from WV, NC and other locations. Nantahala, Ocoee, and other river shirts available as well.

Horse Back Tours and Trail Rides, Arizona and Colorado

Looking for great trail rides in the West.

Check out these wranglers in Arizona and Colorado.

Hitchinpost Stables, Arizona

they have a great cowboy cookout too!

Pioneer Village Stables, Arizona

Tour the museum and enjoy a pumpkin patch tour and sale in October.

Pot A Gold Stables, Arizona

great views, great rates

Pot A Gold Adventures, AZ and CO

Customized adventures in Arizona and Colorado!

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Bridge Day--Oct 19th 2013

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About Us

We are dedicated to making readers’ visits more enjoyable. Our articles spotlight interesting and fun things to do, and make them more understandable and accessible to the area visitor.

Let us know about your community events and happenings that will interest visitors. We welcome comments about our publication. We will consider articles and photographs for publication that support our goal of helping visitors enjoy their time in West Virginia. While we will handle all submissions with care, we are not responsible for loss or damage to original materials. We recommend that you query us first before sending your work.

All submissions should be , mailed to PO 9907 Asheville, NC 28815, or

e-mailed to

The-Toad recommends publishing with our press with the lowest priced services and printing possible, and when in Asheville visit The Flood Fine Arts Center at 191 Roberts street.

Other Recommended Friends
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The Black Mountain Press--literary publishing and writing contests

Gauley Season is WILD!

An inside the boat perspective on what makes Gauley Season the Greatest Whitewater Experience in the World!

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The T.O.A.D. is published by:
AAA Adventures Outdoors
PO Box 9907

Asheville, NC 28815


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