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Spring Break Alternatives
Less Crowded and Personal Growth Opportunities

While the majority of university students are headed to the chaos of beach parties or the boredom of home, some students like freshman Nate Marshel from MSU will take advantage of a less expensive and more productive, convenient spring break in a cabin near Fayetteville, West Virginia at Rivers Resort.

"It's going to be less crowded and provides more activities for way less money than going to a beach in Florida, Texas or Mexico," he said. "Rivers has spring break activities like whitewater rafting, awesome mountain biking and rock climbing, and horseback riding. We also have a great place to socialize at night in the Red Dog Saloon!"

Eddie Lilly, Owner of Rivers, says "The low cost of student rafting and activities in the Spring is a compelling reason for students to look closer to home for Spring Break activities." He also stated that "Students should not be concerned about cold temperatures-we can provide multiple wet suits and it really doesn't become an issue once they are out rafting in that big spring water."

During the Spring Season, rafting groups range in size from eight to two hundred, but smaller groups and individuals can join in and combine for the trip, Lilly said. "We also have some of the best rock climbing in the world, miles of mountain biking trails, a kayak school, and horseback riding all in the area. Students are finding that a vacation at Rivers can provide more privacy and personal growth opportunities."

Rivers can be reached at 1-800-TRY-RIVERS or log in to their web site at www.RiversResort.com