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Good Gauley, It's Gauley Season!
Only Five more days in 2012!
By Jack Moe

Good Golly, it’s Gauley season again! Experience whitewater rafting at it’s best on the Gauley River. Cantrell Ultimate Rafting is one of the outfitters offering world-renowned rafting trips on the Gauley River at any time of year, but in the fall, they are the experts in providing adventures for everyone on the undisputed king of whitewaters—The Fall Gauley River!

The Gauley River consists of 25 miles of free-flowing whitewater, passing through scenic gorges and valleys containing a wide variety of natural and cultural features and contains several class V+ rapids, making it one of the most adventurous whitewater boating rivers in the east. The multi-acre Rivers Resort is the closest outfitter to the New River – offering rafting, camping, lodging, dining, climbing, and much more! These amenities at the Rivers Center make it the perfect place to bring your entire family and less experienced paddlers during Gauley Season. While you are out challenging world class whitewater, others can be relaxing at the center, learning to climb, renting a mountain bike or rafting the milder Upper or Lower New River, during the height of West Virginia’s spectacular leaf fall color season!

 In the fall, the Army Corps of Engineers pulls the plug on the dam that holds the Gauley. And for many glorious days, West Virginia and the Gauley River become the epicenter of the rafting world.

 The remaining Gauley River Rafting days for 2012 are: October –7, 8, 13, 14 and 21st,  and the 20th (bridge day) on the New River.

 Many outfitters offer action whitewater adventures on the two sections of the Gauley River. The Upper Gauley is known as the Lost Paddle Canyon and the Lower Gauley is called the Cliffside Canyon. Together they host over 100 major rapids.

 The Fall Upper Gauley

The Upper Gauley is considered the best one-day whitewater trip in America. Get ready for wild, non-stop whitewater action! With more than 12 miles of big whitewater, and no fewer than SIX Class V+ rapids, the Upper Gauley lives up to its name “The Beast of the East!”

The Fall Lower Gauley

There are as many rapids on an Rivers’ Lower Gauley trip as on an Upper Gauley trip. This trip features the biggest waves, and highest jump rock of the Gauley River. Best of all, no experience is needed for this whitewater trip!

Bridge Day Blowout—Don’t forget to come and watch the BASE jumpers from the bridge this year on October 20th, Many WV outfitters have invented a special trip that lets you watch the jumpers after rafting the New River, then raft the Gauley the next day .

To get ready for a trip and look like an old pro, don’t forget to order your Gauley and New River River Tee Shirts.

 One of the best WV outfitters and the only privately owed company remaining is Cantrell Rafting. Their Gauley rafting trips can be viewed at can be viewed online. Other outfitters can be contacted through 1-800-Call-WVA